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    Campus Renningen
    New Center for Research and Advance Engineering

    Currently, 14 buildings covering a total floor space of 110,000 m² are being erected over an area of 100 hectares. Here, the focus lies on people, their pursuit of progress and teamwork: On the new campus, research should be fun.

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    Connected Research
    International and interdisciplinary

    From 2015, around 1,200 members of staff will work here on international and interdisciplinary fundamental research projects covering all Bosch business divisions.

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    Clever Architecture
    A Campus for Millions of Ideas

    Starting in 2015 and under the motto "Connected for Millions of Ideas", the new research campus will become an important hub in the international research network of Bosch Group. The key to success: the well-though-out site structure and architecture.

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    Look into the Future
    First impressions of the campus

    That’s what it’s going to look like: Explore the campus now with the 3D map of its research areas.

General background and up-to-the-minute information on the new center for research and advance engineering

Interior construction underway

Interior construction underway

Just in time for winter, the heating system is now up and running to ensure that the building work keeps progressing on schedule and on budget: interior construction has been underway for several weeks.

Bosch wins the German Future Prize

The power of lasers has been tamed: a cross-border development, which Dr. Jens König, a Bosch researcher, pushed forward.

Picture of the week

Picture of the week

Week after week you’ll get current insights into the world of construction in renningen.

Facts and figures

Here you can gain insights into the Bosch research network and on the innovative work environment.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tour

Take a virtual tour of the planned campus and buildings.

  • Virtual Tour

Construction site webcam

Take a peek through the construction site webcam, and watch the new research center take shape.